Holy Bread (Prosphora) Ministry

القُربان المُقْدَّس


Thank you for considering offering the Holy Bread.

The Holy Bread Ministry is designed for the purpose of Offering that which becomes the Body and Blood in the Divine Liturgy. Christ Himself, who unites us, is the center of our offering! Giving Holy Bread to be used in the Liturgy is an Offering of oneself to God.

  • Please sign-up below by Wednesday before the Sunday Liturgy in order for your offering to be published in the Weekly Bulletin.
  • Holy Bread (5-7 loaves minimum) needs to be at the Church a day or two before the Liturgy at which the Holy Bread is used. Bring no later than two hours before Liturgy begins (8:30 am on Sundays).
  • Names to be remembered during the preparation of the bread in the Altar before Liturgy are to be emailed to the Church Office at Office@StGeorgeChi.org by the Wednesday before the Sunday Liturgy.
  • Family should be present at the Divine Liturgy when offering Holy Bread to worship God and offer prayers on behalf of their loved ones.
  • A small portion of Holy Bread will be given back to the family to share together.  Please pick up in the Altar after Divine Liturgy.
  • Please Note, if you are scheduling a Memorial Service, you must offer Holy Bread.

Baking Options:

Bake bread yourself and bring to Church. A special “Seal” or “Stamp” is needed to be impressed into the top of the Holy Bread and prayers to be said during its preparation (one of the Prayers and one possible Recipe attached).  Stamp may be purchased in the Jerusalem Bookstore or from an online Orthodox vendor.  If purchased from an online vendor, please be sure to select the correct stamp (pictured).

Ask a family member or someone else to bake the bread for you. If a member of the Antiochian Women or Antiochian Men bakes the bread for you, as a suggested guideline, kindly make a $50 donation to ‘Saint George Church’ to offer the Holy Bread. The Church Office has a list of people who can bake the Holy Bread. Donation may be sent to the Church office via check made payable to ‘Saint George Antiochian Women’ (type ‘Holy Bread’ in memo section) or online using this link.

Again, thank you for your generosity. Should you have any questions regarding these guidelines, please contact the Holy Bread Ministry coordinator, Deacon George Nassief at DnGeorge@StGeorgeChi.org or (925) 699-3893 or the Church Office at Office@StGeorgeChi.org or (708) 656-2927.

Thank you!

Download Holy Bread Recipe
Download Holy Bread Recipe

Please submit names of your living and departed loved ones to the Church Office (Office@StGeorgeChi.org) by the Wednesday before the Sunday you are offering.