In spite of all of our efforts, committing a sin is a consequence of our very existence. The sacrament of Penance is the vehicle by which we formally reconcile ourselves with God. It is a three step process: Admitting our weakness and expressing sincere sorrow for our sin; openly confessing our sin in the presence of a priest and receiving the prayer of absolution, and finally making an honest commitment and pledging our utmost effort to resist future temptation of sin.

The Orthodox Church follows strictly the teaching of the Bible that only God can forgive sins. Christians are encouraged to take part in this sacrament of reconciliation on a regular basis. Although currently St. George does not have a regularly scheduled confession times, our priests are available anytime to pray with the repentant faithful and offer guidance in areas of weakness.

Reconciliation with our Lord is a pre-requisite to receiving Holy Communion. Oftentimes we are not able to visit with a priest and receive full confession. For that reason those receiving communion may arrive early Sunday morning (by 10:20am) and receive the prayer of absolution.