Holy Orders

If one is to identify a single concept that makes the Orthodox Church unique it is that of “Continuity and Apostolic Succession”. This uninterrupted trace to Jesus and His disciples can be preserved only through the Ordination of our Priests by the physical presence of a Bishop, who confirms and certifies that the candidate is capable of teaching and practicing the Orthodox faith as written in the Bible by the church fathers.

As Orthodox Christians, we have to think strategically and prepare ourselves for the coming decades, by encouraging young men to enter the seminary and otherwise prepare themselves for the Holy Priesthood. One need only to observe the life of our ordained clergy to realize what a demanding and thankless vocation it is. However, it is a calling; and very “few are chosen”, but the rewards…well, you can say “they’re out of this world!” Please…always remember our clergy in your prayers.

For those who may have heard the calling (or even a whisper of it) and are interested in ordination to the Deaconate or beyond, a three year Masters in Divinity degree is required. Scholarships are available for qualified candidates.