It is beyond our human comprehension as to why our Lord would allow the suffering that we have to endure as we encounter the death of a loved one, especially those of untimely and sudden nature. At St. George we don’t even attempt to answer this (for doing so will imply elevating our knowledge to that of God’s). One fact remains, however: Death is caused by the evil of this world, but our God is most compassionate and merciful, and is always in control; He has a “planning calendar and a blue print” to which we have no access.

During those difficult times, the church will put forth all its resources, and marshal the entire community, to provide comfort to our grieving brethren. For our clergy, being with the family of the deceased takes precedence over any other church activity. (We hope that those who may be inconvenienced by rearrangement of the priests’ and deacons’ schedules understand the reasons behind this).

The Trisagion Service “wake” will be performed preferably at the church the night before the funeral day. If the family prefers to have the Trisagion at a funeral home it can be done. Either way we encourage the family to have only one night visitation.

In addition, Sunday memorial services are said on the 9th and 40th day. The family of the deceased traditionally offers Holy Bread and/or especially-prepared “Boiled Wheat” to be used for the memorial services.

The church also purchased 200 graves at Elmwood Cemetery (Belmont & Cumberland) for the use of our parishioners. For further information on purchasing a burial site please call the church office at 708-656-2927.