We do have many people in the community who try to get as much out of the church as possible and offer very little in return. Of course we will always continue to serve and to pray for these people. Fortunately, however, our church has been blessed with those who recognize the value of the investment they make in their church. These individuals and families pledge to give back to God a portion of their resources, be it time or money. We call these people Members of the St. George Family.

Members get the opportunity to be involved in the decision-making aspect of the church. They can serve on the parish council or simply vote for the leadership of their choice. It takes a pledge of only $600 per family per year to be a member, and $300 per single family member with a full-time job. Of course, this is only a minimum; because what you give to God should be relative to what God has given you. Members can also receive all the church services without any request for a donation, although the church recommends that even members should consider thankfully giving a gift as part of their celebration and joy.

In all cases, the priest will waive any pledge if there is a chance that such contribution could inflict a financial hardship on the family.